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Lucid Space Design is the creative outlet for Kenney LeMire and William Eastlake. With bamboo as their preferred medium, they are able to express and share their passion for sustainable interactive art.
Both were introduced to the world of bamboo whilst studying Architecture at University of Canberra, using it as a resourceful material to investigate different forms, structures and spaces. Their love of music, art and bamboo led them to start building installation pieces for festivals and exhibitions. Their work has been well received, with exhibitions at Sydney's Sculptures by the Sea 2009, a recent second place in the Bamboo Society Annual Bamboo Sculpture Competition 2014 and festivals including Rainbow Serpent, The Falls Festival, Subsonic, Peats Ridge, Dragon Dreaming, Corrinbank, Re-Growth, and Rabbits Eat Lettuce to name a few.
Having both spent time traveling overseas over the last few years, Will and Kenney have recently moved from the mid-north coast NSW down to the Central Coast, working together in the fields­ of architecture and earth building under the name Integrated Bio-tecture Design. Previously using their own names or the collective alias Bamboo Mayhem for their bamboo installation work, the creation of Lucid Space Design is a step forward in the organisation and professionalism of their artistic endeavours in bamboo design.

Always interested in collaborating with people from varying fields and backgrounds to create new and exciting design outcomes.


© 2014 photo by Mark McCarthy

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